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Kim Ki Duk:
On Movies, the Visual Language

Kim Ki Duk: On Movies, the Visual Language. By Marta Merajver Kurlat Soon available in Spanish
ISBN 978-1-934978-17-7

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Filmmaker’s Kim ki-Duk’s work needs to be apprehended through the senses, as I discovered when delving into his unique world. He points to the clues, but expects the viewer to seek for his/her own comprehension of the works inside their own hearts. Having walked that road myself, I strongly encourage the reader to opt for this choice rather than rely on second-hand commercial critiques.
You do not need to think; this is not an intellectual exercise. I sincerely hope that this book will fulfill a twofold purpose: to introduce neophytes into Kim’s world, and to help those who already joined the group of his followers to widen their view on his enlightening work. In either case, you only need to watch, to watch carefully, and to open all your senses to what is on the screen. You will probably discover that, at some point or other, you too were there.
“There” is not a physical place. It is a moment in life, suspended in mid-air; it is a sensation you cannot describe; it is a tear, a smile, a shiver. Something coming from a place with no name will pierce into some equally nameless part of you. And your emotions will flow into the river that connects the past with the future, the real with the imaginary, the doable with the impossible.
If you have already seen Kim’s movies, you know what I am talking about. If you have not, it is time to peek into the amazing world of one of the most remarkable film makers of our times.


Since her early youth, Argentinean writer, translator, and lecturer MARTA MERAJVER-KURLAT has been attracted to the ways in which mankind organizes its narratives. Having undertaking studies in myth, languages, translation, psychology, and psychoanalysis, she wrote scripts for RAI and Pramer, staged a children’s opera in Buenos Aires in the 80s, translated over forty books and plays into Spanish and English, and was awarded the Dunken Poetry Prize in 2005. She authored Understanding English (Editorial Formar, Buenos Aires, 2004), Gracias por la muerte and Los gloriosos sesenta y después (novels, Jorge Pinto Books Inc, New York, 2006 and 2007 respectively, the former translated into English under the title Just Toss the Ashes by the same publishing house in 2007), Finnegans Wake o el último sueño de un escritor in Lacan y los escritores (Editorial Escuela Freudiana de Buenos Aires, Bs. As., 2007), and La comprensión auditiva de una lengua extranjera in Medicina Psicocosocial – Lectura Psicoanalítica (Asociación Psicoanalítica Argentina, Librería Akadia Editorial, Buenos Aires, 2008). She also published El Ulises de James Joyce: una lectura posible, a comprehensive guide to Joyce’s masterpiece for Spanish readers (2008, Jorge Pinto Books Inc, New York). In addition to her permanent teaching of James Joyce, for the last three years she has been holding a seminar on Tragedy.


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