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== We think books are great learning gears and reading is at the center of self-educational projects. We live at a time where “knowledge is power”. The famous business philosopher Peter Drucker envisioned the rise of the knowledge workers - a phrase he coined in The Age of Discontinuity (1969).

To read is a necessity in our changing societies. It is also an extraordinary pleasure.

Italo Calvino thinks that a “classic is a book which has never exhausted all it has to say to its readers” (Why Read the Classics?). Following this idea, in this series we intend to bring back those classics that continue to be valuable and relevant in our modern world.

We have being fortunate to secure the rigths of relevant works that were not a avalable for a new generation of readers or that the works was not known in the USA and other markets. That is the case of the English edition of The -Herman Hesse & Thomas Mann Letters

Head First

"Books that are enjoyable learning gears"

Stendhal || Victor Hugo || Paul Samuelson || Thomas Mann || Herman Hesse || Nigel Holmes || Zhang Xin
Marta Merajver || Matthew Vescovo || Jean Jaques Russeau || Alan Siegel ||Victor Rodriguez || Virginia Shiller






-Herman Hesse & Thomas Mann Letters


-Victor Hugo

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

El Secreto de las Flores

La Conversación


Ceniza de Orquidea

Sobre Politica

Challenge to Venus

Dialogos Con Economistas

A Breeze of Morning