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Under this imprint we intend to publish fiction and a wide range of genres including genres that are not specifically covered by any of the other JPB book collections. The idea is to discover newness and also to publish new writers with whom JPB intends to establish long-term relationships and partnerships. The first book of the series is Gracias por la Muerte (December 2005) a powerful story of the life of a professional woman that commits suicide. This book is now available in English with the title Jost Toss the Ashes. The author, Marta Merajver Kurlat was born in Argentina and studied myths, language, psychology and psychoanalysis.  We recently published her new book Los Gloriosos 60 y Después. She currently working in a new novels that will be ready in early 2008. 

We think that reading fiction books like Gracias por la Muerte provides readers valuable access to interesting and provocative subjects, intricate backgrounds, fascinating relationships and intimate conversations. Inasmuch as Shakespeare's Richard the III provides worthy insights on power struggles, and Joseph Conrad's The Secret Agent serves as a window to the terrible underworld of terrorism and international intrigue, and Tolstoy 's War and Peace is an exploration of history and timeless themes, Gracias por la Muerte guides the reader through the laberynths haunted by the ghosts of the human mind.

Another example of interesting and relevant texts for our readers is the personal diary of the artist Pablo Helguera,The Boy Inside the Letter. This autobiographical work written in the style of a Künstlerroman —a novel of artistic education— provides a rare glimpse into the mind of a XXIst century artist during his art school years. The novel departs from the author’s actual personal diaries written at the time when he was 17 to 21 years old.

Also in this series we present in this series two books by Vito Tanzi who was a senior staff member of the International Monetary Fund and Undersecretary for Economy and Finance in the Italian Government. The two books we published are not written only for economists. His responsibilities required him to travel often to many countries.  The visits to countries were linked to various activities: discussing programs of financial assistance by the Fund; providing technical assistance or technical advice to the countries’ governments; discussing policies that governments were considering; participating in conferences; or simply giving invited lectures.  During these visits he spent untold hours in planes and airports and cumulatively months or even years in hotels. He became a truly global economist and a kind of jet age Marco Polo.  His curiosity to see new places, including those of difficult access. Argentina: How one of the richest countries in the world lost its wealth: an Economic Chronicle, his first book of this nature that we have published (he is the author of numerous academic and technical books) is already in bookstores. It shows how Argentina started the 20th Century as one of the richest ten country in the world with an economic position in the world that was comparable to that of, say, Germany today. It had a per capita income much higher than that of Japan and Italy and comparable to that of France. However, it ended the century on the eve of the largest default in history. From the same author we published Peaples, Places and Policies: China Japan and Southeast Asia , a second volume of his series of cultural, human and economic views, this time on several Asian countries that the author visited during many years, paricularly China, Japan, Korea and Indonesia.





Gracias por la Muerte

Just Toss the Ashes

Argentina: An Economic Chronicle

The Boy Inside the Letter

Peaples, Places and Policies: China Japan and Southeast Asia

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