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INSTRUCTOART. Lesson1. Innovative Yet Aesthetically Pleasing


Matthew Vescovo, self-annointed Master of the obvious, presents: Instructoart the book, Lesson 1. ISBN: 0-9742615-0-5 2004. (Specs below)
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What is the most efficient way to get a pubic hair off a bar of soap? How much distance is required between two people when executing an airkiss? What body part follows the shoulder in the hokey pokey? How do I make myself look really, really angry? Mr Vescovo, answers all these important questions and many more in Instructoart, Lesson 1.  

In addition to the book, Matt has produced 18 animated shorts for MTV. These pieces are regulars on the network and some have premiered on The Video Music Awards for the last two years. He also has had a solo exhibition at Galleria Ramis Barquet in Manhattan February 2004, and in 2005 he has upcoming shows at Mendelhall Galleries in LA, Espacio Arte Joven in Mexico City and another show at Ramis Barquet.

Instructoart’s appeal comes from Matt’s ability to tap into the truth about people. Which he claims comes from an almost obsessive studying of  the people around him and how and why we they do the things they do.


Trim size: 11" x 9.5"(279mm x 241mm) Oblong
Cover : 260gsm. 2/s Artboard 4/1 with Matt film lamination (100mm flaps).
Text: 157gsm. Matt coat, 80 pages 4/4  (4Cpages=32 pages  1C=48p)
Binding : Section Sewn in 16 pages & 8 pages/Paper back with Score
Packing : Individual Shrink wrpaping



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