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The importance of art as a powerful communication medium is recognized in this collection. JPB has been associated with great artists and successfully published its first seven illustrated books.  Instructoart, Lesson 1 and The Life and Death of Bling Bling by Matthew Vescovo, Víctor Rodríguez, 10 Years of Painting and Jean Wolff, Progressions. Paintings 1999-2007, Artoons by Pablo Helguera, In This Place by Alfredo De Stéfa ano and Borderless by Erika Harrsch

Instructoart, Lesson 1, the first book published by JPB early in 2004 got very positive reviews, is widely distributed and has sold more than 18,000 copies. A new "Travel Edition" (small format) was published in August 2006 by Union Square Press in New York.

Matthew Vescovo, Víctor Rodríguez, Jean Wolff, Pablo Heguera, Alfredo De Stéfono and Erika Harrsch are part of the series of "artist books". The idea behind books is to let each artists select the content and to be part of the production process by working closely with the designer of book in the layout process. This make them authors of their own books. These books are distributed in online bookstores and in museums and galleries around the world.

The same idea will be soon applied to curators of art exhibitions.



Head First

"Books that are enjoyable learning gears"

Stendhal || Victor Hugo || Paul Samuelson || Thomas Mann || Herman Hesse || Nigel Holmes || Zhang Xin
Marta Merajver || Matthew Vescovo || Jean Jaques Russeau || Alan Siegel ||Victor Rodriguez






Matthew Vescovo
+ Instructart. Lesson 1

+ The Life and Death of
Bing Bling

Victor Rodriguez (1st Ed)

Victor Rodriguez (2nd Ed)

Jean Wolff, Progressions. Paintings 1999-2007

Alfredo De Stéafano


Borderless - United States of North America



Artoons 3

Las Aventuras de Olmeco Beuys


One's Secial Tea Book


The White Project

Suite Panamerican

Estela y las Hojas


No Man Island


Artist Selected Images