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Invisible Capitalism
Beyond Monetary Economy and the Birth of New Paradigm Economies

Invisible Capitalism. Beyond Monetary Economy and the Birth of New Paradigm Economies by Hiroshi Tasaka This book was originally published in Japanese.
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After the global economic crisis, many people are feeling that capitalism must mature toward the future.

Then, what is “maturity” of capitalism?
To know the answer, we should ask this question:

What is “maturity” of the human mind?

The answer to this question is clear.

To become able to see “invisible values.”

As the human mind matures, it becomes able to see “invisible values.”
Such as wisdom inexpressible in words, human relationships through sympathy, trust between humans, reputation in the world, cultures of organizations or societies, and so forth.

If so, what is “maturity” of capitalism?

The answer to this question is also clear.

To become the capitalism that emphasizes “invisible capital.”

Then, how can we realize this?

By taking off old glasses and look around.

The old glasses of “monetary economy.”

If we do so, we become able to see that “five paradigm shifts” are occurring in the economic principles that underlie capitalism.

In this book, you will find insightful and encouraging vision of the evolution of capitalism in the future.


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Hiroshi TasakaDr. Hiroshi Tasaka is a Philosopher and a Poet speaking about the philosophy of life and work, of management and business. He is also speaking about the vision for the future society and the paradigm shift in human society. He is the author of more than 50 books, including The Age of Paradigm Shift; The Five Laws to Foresee the Future; Wisdom of Complexity; The Gaia Perspective; Ecology of Mind; What Will Happen in the Knowledge Society?; A New Paradigm of Strategic Thinking; Management of Complex Systems; Management of Tacit Knowing; The Evolution of The Professional; The Philosophy of Work; Why Do We Work?; What is the Reward of Working?; What is Success in Life?; and To the Summit – Why Should You Embrace an Ideal in Your Heart?.
Dr. Tasaka is a Professor at Tama University in Tokyo, the President of both Think Tank SophiaBank and The Japan Social Entrepreneur Forum. He was nominated as a member of “US-Japan Innovators” by the Japan Society in New York in 2006 and was invited as a member of the Global Agenda Council of the World Economic Forum (Davos Conference) in 2008.


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