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This collection presents original English and Spanish books that have universal appeal and whose contents transcend specific culture.

The first book published by JPB in this collection was Virtuoso Teams (Spanish edition) by Andy Boynton and Bill Fisher, published originally in English by Pearson Education. Yale University Child Study Center Lecturer Virginia M. Shiller's Recompensas Para Niños orginally published in English by the American
Psychological Association was released.The Pablo Helguera Manual of Contemporary Art Style now available in English (originally in Spanish by Tumbona Ediciones). El Hombre que inventó a Fidel: Castro, Cuba and Herbert Matthews of The New York Times by Anthony DePalma. We were privileged to publish recently the book of Diego Pizano Conversations with Great Economist, selected by The Times Literary Supplement as on of the best books of 2009. Also after a successful translation of Japanese Philosopher and a Poet, Hiroshi Tasaka Five Laws to Predict the Future, Invisible Capitalism from the same author is the most recent book published in this collection.

Jorge Pinto was the director of a collection of books on Economics and Finance published by two leading Spanish-speaking presses, Oceano in Latin America and Turner in Spain.The idea behind this collection is to tap new readers in the Spanish speaking world who are interested in following new ideas and trends in a variety of fields. The authors are well-known academicians as well as business journalists who write for a wide audience. Among the topics that are covered by the collection is the phenomenon of globalization, the evolution of stock markets and its crisis, the historic evolution of markets and finance, the history of key institutions and their role in the international markets, etc.




Manual of Contemporary Art Style

Virtuoso Teams

El Hombre que Inventó a Fidel

El Poder de la Actuación


Coleccion Economia y Finanzas

Through the Years and Far Away

The Conversation

Seeds of Silence

El Niño en la Letra

Gloria Contreras

The Witches of Tepoztlan

Five Laws to Foresee the Future

Ashes of Orchids

Along the Shore of Dreams

Conversations with Great Economists

Invisible Capitalism

Memory and Dread or the Memory of Childhood

A True Story

Recompensas Para Niños


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