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Jorge Pinto Books is a niche, international multicultural publishing house committed to publishing content that attracts a new generation of readers and generates a new demand for books. JPB is developing a publishing model that invites creative professional partners.


Jorge Pinto Books has already established strategic partnerships with several authors, artists, editors, designers, and other experienced specialists in distribution and marketing to niche markets.
JPB is producing five collections that intend to shape a distinctive profile of a publisher that offers high quality and engaging non-academic learning tools. These series are:

a) eBooks for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
b) Working Biographies,
c) Rediscovered Works,
d) Books in Translation,
e) Illustrated Books
f) New Books

a)Working Biographies. The first series consists of short biographies (25,000 words, 120 pages) of relevant professionals. The goal of this series is to attract college students and other readers interested in learning about different professions from the perspective of successful people in those fields. The first titles have been published: : a) Paul Samuelson, On Being an Economist; b)Nigel Holmes: On Information Design, and c) Zhang Xin: On the Return to China. d) Alan Siegel: On Branding and Clear Communications e) Irvin D. Yalom: On Psychotherapy and the Human Condition f) Kim Ki Duk: On Movies, the Visual Language. Several others titles are being produced. This series books are also available in Spanish.

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b) Rediscovered Books. JPB has acquired the English rights to reprint The Letters of Thomas Mann and Hermann Hesse originally published in 1983. Pete Hamill wrote the introduction to this new version, highlighting the importance of these two classic Nobel Prize winners and their correspondence. Also JPB published Stendhal or the Pursue of Happiness; Victor Hugo: A Realistic Biography of the Great Romantic and Jean-Jacques Rousseau all three great works by Matthew Josephson, a master of the art of biography and the author of The Robber Barons. In this collection we are publishing books by relevant authors that are not easy available in the US. This is the case with three fiction books by the highly acclaimed author from Barcelona, Mercedes Salisachs. From her long list of works we have published La Conversación, El Secreto de las Flores (available in English with the title Seeds of Silence and The Conversation) Los Clamores del Silencio. We acquired the rights to re-publish the last two novels by Charles Morgan (1894-1958), drama critic, novelist, playwright; Challenge to Venus and A Breeze of Morning. Also as an exception, In this collection we are also bringing out classic books that are in the public domain, including in each new edition an introduction by an important writer to provide current information and background. This is the case of the brief note by Cristina Pacheco to Santa the popular book of Federico Gamboa (the book included illustrations by Mexican hyper-realistic painter Victor Rodriguez [Back to Top]

c) Books in Translation.Books in Translation.This collection features original English- and Spanish-language books that have a universal appeal and whose content transcends a specific culture.
e are proud to present in SpanishVirtuoso Teams by Andy Boynton and Bill Fisher, published originally in English by Pearson Education; and Yale University Child Study Center Lecturer Virginia M. Shiller's Recompensas Para Niños originally published in English by the American Psychological Association. Also in Spanish, we released New York Times correspondent Anthony DePalma's book El Hombre que Inventó a Fidel: Castro, Cuba and Herbert Matthews of the New York Times, one of the best 2006 political books according to the Financial Times (published in English by Public Affaires) and premier acting teacher and coach Ivana Chubbuck’s manual, El Poder de la Actuación a Los Angeles Times Best Seller (published in English in 2006 by Gotham Books). a Los Angeles Times Best Seller (published in English in 2006 by Gotham Books). We produced an English translation of Pablo Helguera Manual of Contemporary Art Style a book that the author has presented at the Hirschhorn Museum in Washington DC, and in other museums and galleries in New York, Chicago, Berlin, etc. The book has been reviewed in Flash Art, Art Review and many other relevant publications (originally published in Spanish by Tumbona Ediciones). We are also very pleased to introduce to the English speaking reader Winterhart, a mythological story that relates two journeys simultaneously. (originally published in Spanish in 2005 by Editorial Urano).

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d) Illustrated Books. The importance of art as a powerful communication medium is recognized in this collection. JPB has been associated with two great artists and successfully published two illustrated books: Instructoart, Lesson 1 and Victor Rodriguez, 10 years of painting.  The first book was published early this year and got very positive reviews, is widely distributed and has sold more than 17,000 copies (2nd print). The Victor Rodriguez book was released at the end of 2004 and is being distributed in museum bookstores and galleries around the world. In late Spring 2005, we released a new book by Matthew Vescovo,The Life and Death of Bling Bling, from the Instructoart series. In this collection we are proud to present Jeane Wolff, Progressions. Paintings 1999-2007 by an artist that had many solo exhibitions in galleries in New York, Los Angeles and Mexico City. [Back to Top]

e) New Books.

Under the New Books imprint are new, contemporary fiction and nonfiction titles that encompass a wide range of genres that are not covered by existing JPB collections. The New Books series also serves as a launching pad for newly published yet very talented and very promising authors. The first book in this series is Gracias por la Muerte, a moving novel exploring the life of a lawyer who has committed suicide and of her son, who seeks to understand her and the life she lived (available in English with the title Just Toss the Ashes).

The author of Gracias por la Muerte, Marta Merajver Kurlat, was born in Argentina and studied mythology, language, psychology, and psychoanalysis.  Her second book, Los Gloriosos 60’s y Despues, was released in July 2007. She is currently working on her third book, El Tramo Final, which will be released in 2009.

Pablo Helguera has now three new titles with us (also the translation of his famous Manual of Contemporary Art Style). His personal diary, The Boy Inside the Letter (available in Spanish). This autobiographical work, written in the style of a Künstlerroman—a novel of artistic education—provides a rare glimpse into the mind of a 21st-century artist during his art school years. The novel departs from the author’s actual personal diaries written when he was 17 to 21 years old. From the same authorThe Witches of Tepoztlan (and Other Unpublished Operas) describes the cases of four different and rather obscure operas written by equally obscure composers whose existence, whether fictitious or real, is never confirmed by Pablo Helguera. Recently we published

Also in this series we present two books by Vito Tanzi, who was a senior staff member of the International Monetary Fund and Undersecretary for Economy and Finance in the Italian Government. The two books we published are not written only for economists. His responsibilities required him to travel often to many countries.  These visits were linked to various activities: discussing financial assistance programs by the Fund; providing technical assistance or technical advice to the countries’ governments; discussing policies that governments were considering; participating in conferences; or simply giving invited lectures.  During these visits he spent untold hours aboard planes and in airports and, cumulatively, months or even years in hotels. He became a truly global economist and a kind of jet-age Marco Polo.  My great curiosity about new places, including discomforting ones, made this work always fascinating even though, occasionally, it described situations far from relaxing, pleasant, or safe.

Tanzi’s first book, Argentina: How One of the Richest Countries in the World Lost its Wealth: an Economic Chronicle shows how Argentina began the 20th Century as one of the richest ten country in the world. For a while its economic position in the world was comparable to that of, say, Germany today. It had a per capita income much higher than that of Japan and Italy and comparable to that of France. However, it ended the century on the eve of the largest default in history. We also published, by the same author, Peoples, Places and Policies: China, Japan, and Southeast Asia. This second volume of Tanzi’s series of cultural, human and economic views covers several Asian countries that the author visited over a period of many years, particularly China, Japan, Korea and Indonesia.

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