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Profs Elected Oldest National Academic Society
Harvard Crimson - Cambridge,MA,USA. 8 May 2006
... Citing Nobel laureate Paul Samuelson, Gardner, who is the Hobbs professor of cognition and education said, “in the area of scholarship, the thing that’s .

John Kenneth Galbraith: Last of the Old-Style Liberals
The Moderate Voice - USA. May 2006
... He sets up hypotheses which go beyond the data, and some of the greatest scholars in history have been of that type," says Professor Paul Samuelson of the ...

Europe and the New Division of Labour
noticias.info -
Spain. May 2006
There is a popular story among economists that when a critic asked Paul Samuelson, a Nobel-prize laureate, to provide a meaningful and non ...

Farewell, Professor Galbraith
Brattleboro Reformer - VT, United States. 1 May 2006
... innovator. Economist and Nobel laureate Paul Samuelson once said that Galbraith was "America's foremost economist for non-economists.". ...

The Negative Effects of the Minimum Wage Brief Analysis
National Center for Policy Analysis - Dallas,TX,USA. 4 May 2006
... teenagers. Paul Samuelson, the first American winner of the Nobel Prize in economics, put it succinctly back in 1970. Analyzing ...

Galbraith's brilliance, keen wit recalled by friends, family, and ...
Boston Globe - United States. 1 May 2006
... Paul Samuelson, a professor emeritus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a friend since the two professors met at Harvard in 1935, said Galbraith ...

“Wall $treet” host Louis Rukeyser dies
Philadelphia Inquirer - Philadelphia,PA,USA. 3 May 2006
... Rukeyser's guests included such financial luminaries as Alan Greenspan, Ross Perot, Paul Volcker, John Kenneth Galbraith, Malcolm Forbes and Paul Samuelson. ...

economist John Kenneth Galbraith dies
MSNBC - USA. 30 April 2006
... “He’s an amazingly imaginative and creative and hardworking person,” fellow economist and longtime friend Paul Samuelson said in 1994. ...

Professor Galbraith Looks On
National Review Online - New York,NY,USA. 1 May 2006
... nobody else could compete. Paul Samuelson's name came up for a professorship and Schumpeter vetoed him. I talked to Samuelson and ..

Economist John Kenneth Galbraith Dies
Houston Chronicle - United States. May 2006
... "He's an amazingly imaginative and creative and hardworking person," fellow economist and longtime friend Paul Samuelson said in 1994. ...

Immigration and economics
Khaleej Times - Dubai,United Arab Emirates. 24 April 2006
By Paul A. Samuelson. ... What we will learn the hard way is that debates about limiting immigration will be with us and other societies for decades rather than years.

For a Nobel cause
Financial Express - Bombay,India 23 April 2006
... Apart from Friedman, the book includes lectures by W Arthur Lewis, Lawrence R Klein, Kenneth J Arrow, Paul A Samuelson, George J Stigler, James Tobin, Franco ...

Italy's Murky Election Was a Vote for Weak Government
New California Media - San Francisco,CA,USA. 21 April 2006
... According to market guru Allen Sinai and Nobel laureate economists Gary Becker and Paul Samuelson, that agreement eliminates the ability of the national ...

Debunking America's China syndrome
International Herald Tribune - France 20 April 2006
... As the Nobel laureate Paul Samuelson shows in a recent article, if skills build up faster in China, the current competitive advantage of more advanced ...

KU Paleontologist, Curator Earns Prestigious Guggenheim Fellowship
Kansas City infoZine - Kansas City,MO,USA 18 April 2006
... Aaron Copland, Martha Graham, Langston Hughes, Henry Kissinger, Vladimir Nabokov, Isamu Noguchi, Linus Pauling, Philip Roth, Paul Samuelson, Wendy Wasserstein ...

For a Few Dollars Less
Wall Street Journal (subscription) - New York,NY,USA. 18 April 2006
... The 1964 edition of Paul Samuelson's influential introductory economics textbook gives the common-sense answer: "By keeping labor supply down, immigration ...

The Wall Street Journal is Distorting he Truth About Immigration
Free Market News Network - Pompano Beach,FL,USA
... and capital to labour. (This process was detailed in Paul A. Samuelson’s Economics, tenth edition, McGraw-Hill). It follows that ...

Jeffrey R. Scharf: Minimum wage hike comes with trade-offs
Santa Cruz Sentinel - Santa Cruz,CA,USA. March 2006
... How can we ask full-time workers to get by on $14,000 per year?" Proponents of higher minimum must answer the question posed by economist Paul Samuelson in his ..

What makes the Nobel economists tick?
Hindu Business Line - India. March 2006
... Next is the essay by Paul A. Samuelson, the 1970 Nobel laureate. "I made a deal of money in the late 1940s on the bull side," he ...

Tomorrow’s calamities
Khaleej Times - Dubai,United Arab Emirates. 19 March 2006
BY PAUL A. SAMUELSON. IN THE many decades when Holland and Belgium were struggling for their independence, the Flemish blessing was ...

The Next Recession
TomPaine.com - Washington,D.C.,USA 13 March 2006
... As Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Samuelson once quipped, “Economists have correctly predicted nine of the last five recessions.” However, it is ...

Discontent of summers
Economic Times - India 9 March 2006
Larry Summers — tenured professor at Harvard at 28, scion of Nobel Laureates Kenneth Arrow and Paul Samuelson, treasury secretary under President Clinton ...

Street Dogs: Taking the heat
Business Day - Johannesburg,South Africa 7 March 2006
... But, as Paul Samuelson, the first financial economist to win a Nobel Prize, has pointed out: "When events have overwhelmed them, markets have gapped. ...

Harry Browne: Right on the megatrend
MarketWatch - USA 6 March 2006
... The author, MIT's Paul Samuelson denounced as a "vulgar error" the idea that command economies could not be successful. (Samuelson ...

Honors and Accolades
Carnegie Mellon Today - Pittsburgh,PA,USA. February 2006
... a professor at the Tepper School, and Jonathan B. Berk of the University of California, Berkeley, received the 2005 TIAA-CREF Paul A. Samuelson Award for ...

Put Your Money Where Your Theory Is
TCS Daily - Washington,DC,USA. 1 March 2006
... Paul Samuelson's Principles of Economics 13 th edition, published in 1989, claimed "the Soviet economy is proof that, contrary to what many skeptics had ...

Fools Put Faith in Data Alone
Ludwig von Mises Institute - Auburn,AL,USA. 23 February 2006
... Someone in a great rush decided to introduce mathematical modeling techniques (culprits: Leon Walras, Gerard Debreu, Paul Samuelson) without considering the ...

A brief history of performance ratios
HedgeWeek - London,UK. 20 February 2006
... Paul Samuelson, one of the greatest of economists, argued that in this case, "the mean-variance result is a very good approximation". ...

Why Do We Feel Bad When Things Are Good?
Always On - USA. 16 February 2006
... It is now below 5.0%. Paul Samuelson attempts to explain the mystery. He cites global competition and industrial volatility, alluding ...Bush tax cuts for the rich merely add to our deficit.

Salem Statesman Journal - Salem,OR,USA. 8 February 2006
... Paul Samuelson wrote an excellent article for Newsweek several months ago on the tax cuts. He pointed out that 50 percent of rich ...

Should You Buy Stock Funds or Fund Company Stock?
Morningstar.com - Chicago,IL,USA January 2006 (Subscription is required)
Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Samuelson uttered those words at a 1967 Senate hearing on financial legislation, but it doesn't take a genius to see the ..

Stuck on 1968
TCS Daily - Washington,DC,USA
... When Paul Samuelson wrote an article for the Canadian Journal of Economics on "What Classical and Neoclassical Economic Theory Really Was," he sneered that for ...

US economy unlikely to see hard landing in spite of jitters
Financial Times UK. 26 January 2006 (Subscription is required)
By Christopher Swann. Paul Samuelson, the Nobel prize-winning economist, once mocked the ability of investors to predict a downturn. ...

Young American economists shun policy wars
International Herald Tribune, Paris France. 26 January 2006
... That was also true of recent Nobel laureates like Milton Friedman, Paul Samuelson, the late James Tobin and Robert Solow, all of whom were young during the ..

A Paradox of Philosohy's Stars Gazing
Free-Market News Network USA. 16 January 2006
... the welfare state is superior to all others, after all John Kenneth Galbraith of Harvard University and the famous Nobel Prize winner, Paul Samuelson of Yale ...

Labor's greatest free trader
On Line opinion - Australia. 15 December 2005
... The doctrine of comparative advantage - once described by US economist Paul Samuelson as the best example of a "true and non-trivial proposition" in the social ...

China, US should adjust approach to economic growth
People's Daily Online - Beijing,China
. 26 December 2005
... Daily Online Washington-based correspondent Yong Tang recently conducted an exclusive interview respectively with Dr. Paul A Samuelson and Dr. Robert Mundell. ...

TCA Srinivasa-Raghavan: Some holiday reading
Business Standard - India. 23 December 2005

... strictly economics? So as Paul Samuelson wrote in his foreword to Sukhumoy Chakravarty's book, bon aperitif and happy a new year.

Readers Write: Hong Kong WTO Edition
AlterNet - San Francisco,CA,USA. 22 December 2005

... His book has glowing commentary from people as diverse as Hernando De Soto and Paul Samuelson. I dare you to read it and then tell the truth on AlterNet.". ...

Investor, Help Thyself
Motley Fool - USA. 21 December 2005

... And some other good brains have praised it, too -- such as Paul A. Samuelson, MIT's Nobel laureate in economics; Princeton's Burton G. Malkiel; and John Bogle ...

Bank of Italy head quits amid scandal
Globe and Mail - Canada. 20 December 2005
(registration needed)
... He studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology under Nobel prize winners Paul Samuelson and Franco Modigliani and has written numerous publications on ...

Greenspan warns on US deficit
International Herald Tribune - France. 2 December 2005

... The best defense for central bankers may be success in restraining inflation without hurting growth, the Nobel laureate Paul Samuelson said in an interview. ...

Trichet, Fukui Risk Repeating Policies That Choked Recoveries
Bloomberg. 7 November 2005
`When you look at the bottom of every recession or downturn in history it's stamped `Made by the central bank,'' Paul Samuelson, a Nobel laureate and professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, said in an interview.

GM, Wal-Mart show Fed may be too focused on wages
The Journal News.com
- Westchester,NY,USA 6 November 2005
... the US income distribution is now in direct competition not with 40 million US workers but with 1 billion Chinese or Indian workers," Paul Samuelson, a Nobel ...

THE HOUR: Robert Aumann, Teacher Laureate
Forward - New York,NY,USA
. 21 October 2005
... Paul Samuelson aside, the winners of the Nobel in economics usually are not well known by the (educated) general public, and Aumann in particular fits that ...

Globe and Mail - Canada. 17 October 2005 (subscription needed)

... of Fortune's Formula by William Poundstone: "In one of the book's most hilarious anecdotes, the brilliant and sarcastic economist Paul Samuelson publishes a ..

Infosys chairman touts rise of India
San Jose Mercury News - United States
. 16 October 2005
... A The US has created more jobs than those that have migrated (overseas). (Economist) Paul Samuelson made a famous statement about how the US may lose jobs. ...

By dint of brainpower
Israel 21C - Cupertino,CA,USA October 2005

... Aumann's prize is yet more proof of this: Fully half of the Nobel prizes in economics have gone to Jews, from the first one (Paul Samuelson) to the last (Aumann ...

A Nobel Prize for Creativity By Karen Kaplan
Los Angeles Times 11 October 2005
The University of Chicago lays claim to an astonishing 78 Nobel laureates — the most of any institution in the United States and second in the world only to England's University of Cambridge. Renowned physicists Hans Bethe and Werner Heisenberg and economics guru Paul A. Samuelson are all counted among Chicago's Nobel brethren....Didn't Bethe spend virtually his entire career at Cornell University? Isn't Samuelson considered the heart and soul of MIT economics? Did Heisenberg even spend more than a few months in Chicago?

Paul Samuelson's Reverse Ponzi Scheme
Tech Central Station - Washington,DC,USA
11 October 2005
... not exclusively, to blame. The real problem is best demonstrated by this piece from Newsweek (in 1967 no less!) by Paul Samuelson: ...

Talents that shaped the market
Hindu Business Line - India

... Darkness at Noon'". In the following chapter, the author introduces readers to Paul Samuelson and Fischer Black. Here's a snatch ...

Economics Nobel winners through history
10 October 2005
1970. Paul A Samuelson for the scientific work through which he has developed static and dynamic economic theory and actively contributed to raising the level of analysis in economic science.

B S Minhas: Down-to-earth policy analyst, by T N Srinivasan
Business Standard,
September 15th, 2005
..[Bagicha Singh Minhas] widely cited and justly celebrated for their introduction of the constant elasticity of substitution function and its pioneering use in empirically testing the well-known factor price equalisation theorem of Paul Samuelson.

Stephen King: Free trade is not perfect, but it's all we've got
The independent,
UK. September 12th, 2005
Using Paul Samuelson's approach ("Where Ricardo and Mill Rebut and Confirm Arguments of Mainstream Economists Supporting Globalization", Journal of Economic Perspectives, summer 2004), assume also the huge increase in capital spending in China implies the comparative advantage that seems to come from trade is removed (in other words, the upgrade to the Chinese capital stock leaves the Chinese as productive in all things as the Americans, only at a much lower price).

A mathematician with a mission By John Gapper
Financial Times,
UK, September 11th, 2005
One problem was that finance was not regarded as a serious discipline by macro-economists when Black and others such as William Sharpe and Paul Samuelson were doing their groundbreaking work in the 1960s and 1970s.

Failing grade on e-books, posted by Charles Cooper
CNet News.com Blog -
... of undergrads. After all, who wants to blow $117 to buy the latest version of Paul Samuelson's economics textbook? Instead of lugging ...

Fund Phenomenon Embraced by Korea by Joongang Ilbo
Seoul,South Korea August 10, 2005
... The economist Paul Samuelson rebuked those fund managers who were more interested in pocketing fees than in their clients' interests. ...

From Intel to Health Care and Beyond by Joseph Nocera
The New York Times,
July 30,2005 (registration is needed)
"I looked up a quote for you. 'If you don't believe that [globalization] changes the average wages in America, you believe in the tooth fairy.' Do you know who said that? Paul Samuelson, age 90."

Rethinking globalization by Shlomo Maital
Israel 21C,
July 17, 2005
"..In a recent academic article, Samuelson rethinks globalization.(1) In it, he deals "weighty blows against economists' complacencies about globalization.."

Stones into Bread: The Keynesian Miracle by Ludwig von Mises
Ludwig von Mises Institute.
Originally printed in Plain Talk, March 1948 (posted14 July 2005 )
"..Professor Samuelson provides us with exact information about the susceptibility of economists to the Keynesian gospel of 1936. Those under the age of 35 fully grasped its meaning after some time; those beyond 50 turned out to be quite immune, while economists in?]between were divided..."

Half-yearly evaluation of investment predictions
The Sunday Times.
July 2, 2005

Why Policymakers Might Care About Stock Market Bubbles
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland,
June 26 2005.
"..Paul Samuelson quipped, the stock market has predicted nine of the last five recessions..."

Taking Stock / Arie the genius
Ha'aretz - Tel Aviv,Israel. June 23, 2005

John Dvorak's Second Opinion Follow the money -- to India
MarketWatch - USA. June 23, 2005

China now exports fear about free trade
San Jose Mercury News - San Jose,CA,USA (free registration is needed)

Guru of economics does an about-turn on free trade
Financial Express. October 19, 2004

The Recent JEP Samuelson Article on Trade by Robert Morphy
Mises Economic Blog. December 29, 2004

Paul Samuelson vs. Outsourcing
Mises Economic Blog. September 9, 2004

Sizing up Samuelson by Murray N. Rothbar
Mises Economic Blog. June 30, 2004

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