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China's New Faces: Zhang Xin
BBC 3 March, 2005

At 14, Zhang Xin worked on a factory floor in Hong Kong. She is now a property developer, responsible in part for the transformation of Beijing's skyline.

"China's going to have its own Le Corbusier": Zhang Xin by Daragh Moller
Beijing this Month. Septembre 9, 2004
High profile architects and real estate developers are accused of using China as a place of experimentation. Zhang Xin, Co-CEO of SOHO China, the country's most succesful real estate developer, asks: What's wrong with that? Every creative industry needs to experiment.

Zhang Xin Co-Chief Executive, SOHO China
Business Week , July 12, 2004
..[Zhang Xin was 14, she lived in a firetrap Hong Kong slum and toiled in grimy factories stitching shoes and clothes and assembling toys. She dreamed of getting an office job, learning English, and studying in Britain. Today, at 39, Zhang has done all that -- and more. Thanks to hard work, she studied at Sussex University and got a master's degree in development economics at Cambridge... Zhang is back in China, pursuing an entirely new career: real estate. Her privately held Beijing company, which pulled in revenues of $405 million last year, is called SOHO China Ltd.

New rich trade gray flats for trendy homes By Antoaneta Bezlova
AsiaTimes, March 11th, 2004
More than 90 percent of our buyers are Chinese," says Zhang Xin, chief executive of Soho China. "About half of them come from places outside Beijing. Now that so many can afford it, they all want to secure a home in the capital." Zhang Xin, .. won a special prize, the Silver Lion, for her role as a "patron of architecture" at the 2002 architectural Biennale in Venice. Soho, China's most daring architectural project, is a collection of holiday homes, all individually designed by 12 leading Asian architects and located just a stone's throw from the Great Wall.

New Rich Trade Communal Blocks for Trendy Flats by Antoaneta Bezlova
IPS News Services , Beijing, March 10
Soho China's arrival on the mainland's property market seven years ago was nothing less than revolutionary. For the first time in China, where socialist dwellings were handed over to residents as concrete shells, property developers offered ready-to-move in flats with fit kitchens, painted walls and bathroom fittings. Now, a score of developers across Beijing are trying to replicate the recipe of success pioneered by Soho China

Soho drops New York listing By Steven Irvine
Financial Asia. 17 January 2003
The husband and wife team, Pan Shiyi and Zhang Xin set up Soho in 1997, and have become household names in China for revolutionizing the private apartment market. With a flair for marketing and an eye for cool design, they have created apartments that have wide appeal for China new 35-45 year old middle class.

World Beaters: China's Condo Couple By Dody Tsiantar
Time 12 May 2002

Soho means chic in China these days, thanks to Beijing Redstone Industrie, a real estate firm owned by Chinese-born Pan Shiyi, 38, and his wife Zhang Xin, 35, a Cambridge-educated former Goldman, Sachs investment analyst. Condos in the company's debut project, Soho New Town, a sleek development, enjoyed sizzling sales among Beijing's burgeoning capitalist class despite prices of $241,000 to $422,000. Asian papers report that the travel-loving duo hopes to go public this year to fund construction of a hotel near the Great Wall, villas on Hainan island and more Beijing condos.

Holding Up Half the Sky By Annie Wang
Fortune. 4 October 2004
Five Chinese women: Some are smart, rich, and running the show; others just want a piece of the booming economy.


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