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Instructoart Series

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Matthew Vescovo, self-annointed Master of the obvious, presents: The Life and Death of Bling Bling. Instructoart series. (Late Spring 2005).
FORMAT: Paperback, 9 x 7.75 in./48 pgs / 44 color. Price $19.95
ISBN: 0-9742615-2-1

Cool to uncool. Inside to mainstream. Black to white. How did "Bling Bling" move from one world to the other, seemingly overnight? Matthew Vescovo, master of the obvious and creator of Instructoart Lesson 1, hilariously connects the dots and takes us full circle from the raw underground rap beginnings of Bling Bling, to its ultimate demise in the hands of unhip suburban Oprah-watching wives. This story of innovation, proliferation, regurgitation, commercialization, and bastardization, is based on Vescovos’s highly popular animated short for MTV of the same name. Appropriately written in verse, it illustrates a common theme in our world today--that of black culture desperately trying to carve out ownership of something exclusively theirs . . . and other groups ruining it all. Various characters have contributed to the rise and fall of this urban phase. There are those who started it, those who preached it, those who over used it, and those who stole it. And yes, even the Oxford English Dictionary, which added the phrase to their 20-volume online dictionary in 2003, may have played a role. With a sharp sense of humor and wit, amusing comic-style illustrations, and an honesty, history, and truth that resonates with its audience as it probes deeper issues, this book performs an autopsy on the term Bling Bling, and then acknowledges its (untimely, inevitable?) death to the world.

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