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The Parable Conference
Pablo Helguera

The Parable Conference Pablo Heguera.
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“An exercise in highly provocative, original thinking, Pablo Helguera's The Parable Conference asks loads of inconvenient questions about art, only to answer them through a series of entertaining fictions. "Is there too much art in the world?" "How should art be taught?" And, "Why do we want to relive Andy Warhol?" Helguera continues a long if recently disused tradition of creative fibbing in this enlightening epistolary book. Prophets and preachers use lies to tell the truth--so why shouldn't artists?”

—Christian Viveros-Faune, art critic, The Village Voice

“Pablo Helguera is a splendid liar, a first-class storyteller, a curious mind constantly in search of stories, a creator of parallel universes and impossible characters living in credible situations, which invariably probe our certainties, intuition and knowledge.”

—Naief Yehya, author and critic


Pablo Helguera is a visual artist living in New York. He is the Director of Adult and Academic Programs at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. He is the author of many books including The Pablo Helguera Manual of Contemporary Art Style, What in the World ( A Museum’s Subjective Biography) Education for Socially Engaged Art and Art Scenes






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