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Alfredo De Stéfano

In This Place | En Este Lugar

In This Place | En Este Lugar, Alfredo De Stéfano

ISBN-13: 978-1934978085

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Though the work of Alfredo De Stéfano is presented in a traditional
photographic format, all conceptions of the image contained in that support
distance themselves from or even subtly confront the traditional ways in
which photography has addressed the complex universe of time, space and

His "... work acquires a dual meaning: that of being a symbol of emptiness, of the void, of the dead and extinct, and that of being the landscape that is most susceptible to change in any number of ways —paradoxically, because of its vastness and its emptiness. In this sense, the desert is the place that is subject to the rapidest and most drastic changes in its land, due to the extreme conditions under which life is expressed there.

De Stéfano’s early interest in the visual arts—especially American abstract expressionism—played in his contemplation of nature.."
Maria A. Iovino
Art Critic


De Stéfano was born in Monclova, Coahuila, a city in the northeastern
Mexican desert and has a bachelor´s degree in Communication Sciences
by the Universidad Autonoma de Coahuila. He is considered one of
México´s most important contemporary photographers. He has a passion
for the landscape and especially the desert, an environment to which
ha has traveled countless times, performing art interventions in it and
photographing it. Among his photographic series, we should mention Of
Places Without a Future (1992), Remains of Paradise (1996), Replenishing
Emptiness (2002) and Brief Chronicle of Light (2005).All these series are
set in the desert. His work has been featured in over ninety group and
solo shows in various cities on the five continets. His photographs have
also appeared in numerous books and magazines. His work forms part of
public and private collections in Mexico as well as abroad.

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