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An Interwining of Mexican and American Cultures

An Interwining of Mexican and American Cultures
by Felipe Galindo (Feggo) Introduction by Peter Canby

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Felipe Galindo’s long-awaited book, Manhatitlan, features works inspired by his own experience as an immigrant.

In Manhatitlan, Galindo creates works that merge the universal languages of art and humor. He imagines and reinterprets cultural symbols from his native Mexico and his adopted city of Manhattan,celebrating in his artwork the exchange that takes place between Mexican and American cultures.

An ongoing project that has occupied Galindo for some time, Manhatitlan explores—in the artist’s distinctive and humorous style —concepts of homeland, migration and nostalgia, in this era of multiculturalism and globalization.

The drawings are Galindo’s playful take on the legends and images of Mexico within the landscape of New York City. Some works include “Hip-Hop Mariachi”,  “Xochimilco on the Hudson” and “Manhatitlan Matador”.

"Manhatitlan" is a word Galindo coined merging Manhattan—the Lenape name for the island—with Tenochtitlan, the Aztec name of Mexico City.

Felipe Galindo (Feggo) is an award-winning Mexican artist who has lived and worked in New York City since the early 80s. He specializes in creating humorous art in a variety of media, including cartoons, illustration, animation, fine art, and public art. His work has been exhibited and published worldwide.

“Feggo’s work stands in the rich tradition of Mexico’s socially engaged art, an art that strives, using humor and irony, to make sense out of our beautiful and ever more baffling world.” -From the Introduction by Peter Canby

“What a wicked sense of humor Galindo has. Mexican artifacts enact absurd acts of revenge on Big Apple institutions, a bit like anti-imperialist New Yorker cartoons.”

—The Washington Post

“Galindo’s appealing images superimpose Mexican icons over the New York cityscape, in a playful nod to the multiculturalism that helps make the city great.”

—Time Out New York



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