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Seeds of Silence

Seeds of Silence by Mercedes Salisachs Translated by Gretta K. Siebentritt. This book was originally published in Spanish
ISBN-10:   0979557666
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Can flowers speak? Can they remember? Doctor Patricio Gallardo begins to wonder when his son Gregorio abruptly cuts off their unusually close relationship. In the pages of this book, an intricate web of emotions gradually is unraveled over the course of two summers and through two essential characters: Doctor Gallardo and his grandson. With a delicate and intimate touch, Mercedes Salisachs traces a profoundly human story. With the lyricism of a poet and the precision of an architect, she depicts the mysterious threads that time and destiny weave in people's lives, turning them into victims of their own actions, as well as of circumstance. Seeds of Silence (originally published in Spanish with the title El Secreto de las Flores) is one of the best novels from an author whose prolific literary career has garnered public acclaim and prestigious awards and earned her a place of honor in contemporary literature

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MERCEDES SALISACHS: Born in Barcelona, Spain, Mercedes Salisachs is
one of the most prominent contemporary Spanish writers. She has
received numerous distinctions during her extensive literary career,
including the prestigious Gran Cruz de la Orden Civil de Alfonso X el
Sabio and the Premio Ciudad de Barcelona for her novel Una Mujer Llega
al Pueblo, the premio Planeta, Spain’s most lucrative award, for her
novel, La Gangrena, the premio Ateneo de Sevilla for her novel El
Volumen de la Ausencia and the premio Fernando Lara for her novel El
Último Laberinto. The author of more than thirty novels, Mercedes
Salisachs has lectured in several countries and has contributed to
numerous national periodicals and journals. Her works have been
translated into English, Russian, French, Italian, Portuguese, German,
Swedish, Finnish, Afrikaans and Lithuanian.

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