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Matthew Vescovo
Partner, Instructoart Book Associates. Matthew Vescovo, is slowly building a small empire with his Instructoart series. It all started with his first Instructoart book Lesson 1, published by Jorge Pinto books. The unique close working partnership of Jorge Pinto and Vescovo paid off as Lesson 1 went into it’s second printing only a few months after release

In addition to the book, Vescovo has produced 18 animated shorts for MTV. These pieces are regulars on the network and some have premiered on The Video Music Awards for the last two years. He also has had a solo exhibition at Galleria Ramis Barquet in Manhattan in February 2004, and in 2005 he had shows at Mendelhall Galleries in LA, Espacio Arte Joven in Mexico City and another show at Ramis Barquet.

Instructoart’s appeal comes from Vescovo’s ability to tap into the truth about people. He claims that this comes from an almost obsessive studying of  the people around him and how and why we they do the things they do.

Vescovo was born in 1969 in Brooklyn, New York. He lives with his wife Nancy and daughter Lola in Brooklyn.


Mimi Pagsibigan
Chief strategist in the "startup" process and a key partner in developing the concept of an "boutique" publishing house. Her input in puting together the production team and her daily contacts with the first published authors was key to the success of the company.

Susan Hildebrandi
Book and Website Designer of Instructoart, The Life and Death of Bling
Bling, Victor Rodriguez
the Jorge Pinto books website and many of the covers of its books.
Susan Hildebrand is a multi-disciplinary graphic designer working in Brooklyn, New York. Through a wide-range of media she produces
conceptual, accessible graphic solutions that inform, engage, and even
entertain. Her core skills include print and identity design,
broadcast design, and interactive design.

Nigel Holmes
Graphic Designer, Working Biographies Series concept (covers, layout, logos). Creates graphics, illustrations and animations that try to explain things. He is principal of Explanation Graphics, a graphic design firm located just outside of New York City. His projects include advertising, books, charts and diagrams, corporate identity, logos, branding, and web sites.

Kira Brunner

Book Editor. Kira Brunner is the founding editor of Radical Society Magazine. She is the author and co-editor of the book The New Killing Fields: Massacre and the Politics of Intervention (Basic Books: 2002). She currently works at Columbia University as the Publications Director for Joseph Stiglitz and the Initiative for Policy Dialogue. She is editing the Working Biographies of Paul Samuelson and of Tom Ford.

Lyda Shuster

Marketing of the Working Biographies of Paul Samuelson. A book marketing professional with both trade and university press experience, Lyda Shuster has held management positions at Random House, Simon & Schuster, Sterling Publishing, and at Cambridge University Press.  Her areas of expertise are the academic, library, Latino, and professional market channels.  She is a graduate of The University of Virginia (B.A., English) and of The Denver Publishing Institute.

Paula Shackleton.
Strategic alliance. Book Groups and online book discussions.


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